iOS - How to configure a new project

Configuring a new project.

Link our framework as a library:

  • After creating a new project
  • Copy the framework (BinahAI.framework) folder to the same path as your project file (e.g: company.xcodeproj)
  • Choose your target and go to Build Phases tab.
  • Expand "Link Binary With Libraries" section
  • Click on the "+" icon


  • On the bottom drop-down list select "Add Files".


  • Finder opens, select the framework folder and click on "Open"


  • The framework is now linked to your project.


  • Go to General Tab and under Framework, Libraries, and Embedded content” change the Embed Method to be "Embed & Sign".


Copy bundle resources: (If you are in 3.0.7 and above jump to "adding support for c++ libraries")

  • On the Build Phases tab, expand the "Copy Bundle Resources" section.
  • Open finder
  • Search for our framework folder (should be located in the same path of your project file)
  • Click on the folder.
  • Drag the models.bundle outside to the xcode section.


  • Choose "Create groups" and click on Finish


  • Now models.bundle is copied into your project as a resource.


Adding support for c++ libraries:

  • Go to the project's Build Settings.
  • Look for the "Apple Clang - Language - C++" and expand this section.


  • Set the "C++ Language Dialect" to "C++ 17 [-std=c++17]"


More support with C++ linkings:

  • Go to Project's Build Settings
  • Search for "Linking" section


  • Look for "Other Linker Flags".
  • Edit this field and set its value to: "-lstdc++"


  • Click on "+" sign and add also "-ObjC"
  • Click on enter.

Verify framework can be searched by xcode:

  • Choose your target
  • Go to "Build Settings"
  • Look for the "Search Paths" section or you can search for "paths"
  • Inside this section verify that "Framework Search Paths" contains the path where you put our framework (e.g: $(PROJECT_DIR))


Adding info.plist for your SDK unique IDs

  • Add a new raw with name: BinahLicenseKey as string and type the license ID you have.


Remember to:

Run on a real device

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