Licensing management - How does it work?

Understanding licensing management

How does it work?

When you get our SDK V3 for both ios and Android you also get a unique license key and Product ID.

Product Id looks like: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx


The Product ID is using to negotiate with our SDK.

The License Key is using for activating any new device.

Both values are integrated into your application layer.

These values are always a part of our "setup" step.

SDK is looking for these values and will not activate our main core if they do not exist.

Any device (end-user) that activates his application for the first time sends his device's unique identifier to our license service and your activation increase by 1.

Each new device raises your activations by 1.

When activations reach the limit of activations or expired by date (According to your contract), SDK will stop working for the next new device and will expire on existing devices.

Does it require an Internet connection?


  • Activation requires an internet connection to validate a new device and to setup our SDK.
  • Also, SDK will renew its tokens any 4 days (sync with our license service)

What layer activates the device?

Our SDK layer triggers an internet connection and activates the new device and do a sync.

Is it a one-time activation?

The first activation is one time for each new device, Also, checks the internet (sync) any 4 days.

Sync occurs to keep your devices aligned with our license service.

What about the expiration date?

Our SDK also checks the validity of your date expiration (according to your contract).

In case the license is expired, our SDK stops working (the same as max activations reach).

How can I know my current license status?

You can log in to our license service Dashboard with the credentials you received when you first signed your contract.  

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