How do you get my vital signs?

How does the Algorithm work:

Detecting your face:

First of all we are detecting your face by a deep learning model

Processing frames:

We are using a very low-light algorithm that processes the camera's frames with your face on them.

rPPG technology:

As a part of our algorithm, we process the rPPG vital signs by processing the image so we know the exact frame your heart beats and the time you have a heart rate peak.

Calculating vital signs:

By verifying these peaks we know when your heart beats which gives us the heart rate, oxygen saturation, and respiratory rate.

How much it takes to calculate the signs and show them?

It takes us about 9 seconds to show the heart rate and oxygen saturation.

Another 25 seconds to extract the respiration rate.

After ~1.5 minutes we have enough data to collect your HRV and Stress level.

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