SDK Values Ranges


These values symbolize the minimum and maximum values that our SDK can extract from your body.

  1. Values depend on many variabilities of your health and therefore each aspect of health has its own normal and abnormal conditions.
  2. We recommend consulting with your Doctor for better interpretation of the values received, normal/abnormal values of yours etc.
Measurement Range Normal Abnormal
HR 45-240 n/a n/a
SpO2 % 82-100 95-100 <95
Respiration 4-65/td> n/a n/a
Stress 1-5 n/a n/a
SDNN 0.01-∞ n/a n/a


Heart Rate (BPM)
The number of times a person's heartbeats per minute (BPM). Generally, a lower heart rate at rest implies more efficient heart function and better cardiovascular fitness. Normal HR level differs according to age
Oxygen Saturation (SpO2 %)
The amount of oxygen in your blood
Respiration (RPM)
The amount of breaths per minute
Stress Level
Binah’s Stress level is based on Baevsky’s and US/European Index level measurements (Globally approved) and is calculated according to Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measurements.
The standard deviation of NN (R-R) intervals
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