Supported devices list

iPhones / Android - Supported device list

You can find here attached the full list for both Android and iPhone devices which are supported by our SDK.

Minimum requirements

Android Devices

On top of this list and device should:

  • Support with Arm64-v8a CPU instruction set.
  • Support with API level 27 and above.
  • Device must have at least 3GB of RAM
  • The device must have a performance score higher than 300 to run the SDK. The ideal score would be greater than 500. Please refer to this link for the performance score or download the benchmarking app on this link.
  • Install this app on your device in case you cannot find it on the list.
    You have to execute it on your device (about 5 minutes) and report back the score you got for your device.

iOS Devices

  • iOS 13 and above
  • iPhone 8 and above
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