License Service

Binah ai's License Service:

the License Service controls the licenses, activation and the validity of the license.

A license is connected to a product and is associated with ONE user.

What abilities does this user have?

  • A dashboard displaying general information on the license
  • The number of activations using the SDK (and the total number of activations allowed).
  • Information on activated devices, such as geo-IP, hostname, and platform.

How to get access to the Dashboard?

  • First, you will receive an email from license service with these parameters:
    • Product ID - defines what does the product that the SDK points to (e.g: SDK V3).
    • License key - a unique identifier that controls your activations.
    • Dashboard link - A link to our license dashboard that you can log in with the same email address at which you received the message containing the link.
  • To log into your license service dashboard, click on the "LICENSING DASHBOARD" link inside the email:


  • You will be redirected to the dashboard sign-in page.
  • Click on "Forgot Password":


  • Now fill in the email field using the same email address where the first email was sent.


  • Click on "RECOVER PASSWORD" and an email will be sent to you.


  • Click again on the links inside your email.
  • You will be redirected to the "RESET PASSWORD" screen:


  • Type a new password and go back to the login screen and login with your new password.
  • Once inside the Dashboard, you can see some useful information.
  • The first screen shows information about your license ID, the number of activations used out of your allowed activations and the expiration date of your license:


  • Clicking on the "License key" will show you more personal data of your license:


  • Clicking on the "Activations" button will show you some data on the devices which were activated:


  • You can see the IP, Hostname, Activation Date and the Last Sync Date (the date of the last License Service synchronization case)
  • You can also click on a specific device (IP) to see more data about this device:


When a license is expired and what happens then?

A license expires when:

  1. Validity ends - This means that the expiration date has passed.
  2. Exceeding the number of activations - The number of activations exceeds your contract.
  3. Measurements license model - When the number of gross measurements equals the allowed measurements.

License model by measurements (Sessions):

You can track the number of measurements consumption in case you are using this model:

On the license screen just scroll down to get the information about your measurements (Meter Attributes).


The maximum measurements which are allowed upon your contract
The number of measurements that have been currently consumed
Whole time measurements which were consumed

Can I delete an activation (Deactivating)?

Yes, you can deactivate (delete) up to 100 activations.

You can follow the below flow to delete an activation:

  • In the Activations screen, click on a specific host (activation) to see the activation screen, in this screen, you can click on the menu bar (upper right side):


  • Choose "Delete" to delete this activation.


How does activation consumption work?

Per Apple and Google's eco-system, we are using a unique identifier for each install.

This identifier is being deleted on uninstall and a new one is generated on a new install.

Each new identifier increases the number of activations.

A new identifier can be generated when:

  • Using debug mode - frameworks sometimes requires to uninstall and install the application.
  • The same end-user uninstall and install his application.
  • Upgrade - will not generate a new identifier.

Therefore your license will be set with the following capabilities:

  1. 1000 more activations than it appears on your contract.
  2. Includes 500 deactivations.

Is there any way to deactivate activation by using an API request?

Yes! it is possible depending on your licensing agreement.

Please contact support for more help.

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