License Service

Binah ai's License Service:

the License Service controls the licenses, activation and the validity of the license.

A license is connected to a product and is associated with ONE user.

What abilities does this user have?

  • A dashboard displaying general information on the license
  • The number of activations using the SDK (and the total number of activations allowed).
  • Information on activated devices, such as geo-IP, hostname, and platform.

How to get access to the Dashboard?

  • First, you received an email from license service with these parameters:
    • Product ID - defines what does the product that the SDK points to (e.g: SDK V3).
    • License key - a unique identifier that controls your activations.
    • Dashboard link - A link to our license dashboard that you can log in with the same email address at which you received the message containing the link.
  • To log into your license service dashboard, click on the "LICENSING DASHBOARD" link inside the email:


  • You will be redirected to the dashboard sign-in page.
  • Click on "Forgot Password":


  • Now fill in your email and use the same email as you got that first email.


  • Click on "RECOVER PASSWORD" and an email will be sent to you.


  • Click again on the links inside your email.
  • You will be redirected to the "RESET PASSWORD" screen:


  • Type a new password and go back to the login screen and login with your new password.
  • Once inside the Dashboard, you can see some useful information.
  • The first screen includes your license ID and the number of activations used out of your allowed activations, the expiration date of your license:


  • Clicking on the "License key" will show you some more personal data of your license:


  • Clicking on the "Activations" button will show you some data on the devices which were activated:


  • You can see the IP, Hostname, When created and the last sync (when was the last time he was synchronized with our License service.
  • You can also click on a specific device (IP) to see more data about this device:


When a license is expired and what happens then?

A license expires when:

  1. Validity ends - This means that the expiration date has passed.
  2. Exceeding the number of activations - Number of activations exceeds your contract.

Can I delete an activation (Deactivating)?

Yes, you can deactivate (delete) up to 100 activations.

You can follow the below flow to delete an activation:

  • In the Activations screen, click on a specific host (activation) to see the activation screen, in this screen, you can click on the menu bar (upper right side):


  • Choose "Delete" to delete this activation.


How does activation consumption work?

Per Apple and Google eco-system, we are using a unique identifier for each install.

This identifier is being deleted on uninstall and a new one is generated on a new install.

Each new identifier increases the number of activations.

A new identifier can be generated when:

  • Using debug mode - frameworks sometimes requires to uninstall and install the application.
  • The same end-user uninstall and install his application.
  • Upgrade - will not generate a new identifier.

Therefore will set your license with some capabilities:

  1. 1000 more activations than it appears on your contract.
  2. Includes 500 deactivations.
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