iOS - Apple does not approve my application on the store

There are some cases that Apple claims that your application does not stand with their guide-lines.
I will elaborate on some cases we heard and what has been done to solve it.
Please be aware that when defining your application - avoid defining as a medical app.
Please use healthcare or Fitness definition.

1. 4 Safety: Physical Harm

Guideline 1.4.1 - Safety - Physical Harm
We noticed that your app claims to take health measurements using only iOS device sensors, which is not a functionality these device sensors support.
Next Steps
To resolve this issue, please remove any unverified health measuring functionality from your app that uses the device sensors.
Alternatively, you may submit documentation in the App Review Information section in App Store Connect that clearly discloses data and methodology to support accuracy claims relating to these health measurements. If the level of accuracy or methodology cannot be validated, we will reject your app.
  1. Add this site: and under the section:
    Delivery, Integration, and Language Support - say you are using's SDK.
  2. Provide the link to r-ppg explanations:
    under the section: What is r-PPG 

2. 5 Performance: Software Requirements

Guideline 2.5.14 - Performance - Software Requirements
We found that your app records the user but does not have the proper indicators that the app is recording, as required by the App Store Review Guidelines.
Specifically, your app records video but does not have a clear visible visual indicator that the app is recording.
Next Steps
Please revise your app to implement the required means of indicating the recording activity to all parties. Please note that the recording indicator cannot be disabled and your app cannot go blank during recording.
Please see attached screenshot for details.
  • It depends on the data you record, save, store or use as part of your app's solution.'s SDK does not store any data and it is a stand-alone solution.
    You should show consent to the user and tell him you are recording him or explain what you are doing with his data or extracted data - The user must accept that consent and then he can continue working with the app.
  • More solutions:
    • Give the ability to delete or regret a specific measure.
    • If he uploads he can discard or cancel afterward.
    • Users should see what the others are seeing about him.

Medical Disclaimer

When showing medical results a.k.a vital signs which might be abnormal, we are not "replacing" the doctor.

Please add a disclaimer always or on the result screen that it is not a medical app and he needs to consult his doctor for future actions.

You can use this site to learn more:

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