Best practices for using the application

Best practices for using the application


You can download the complete instruction on how to use the app using this link.

rPPG - By Face




Wait 3 minutes between measurements to avoid device overheating.

In order to get accurate vital-sign readings, follow the instructions below:

  • Device:
    • The device battery level should be at least 20% and not in power save mode.
    • Ensure that your camera lenses are clean and unscratched
    • The mobile device should be in a fixed position during the entire measurement.
    • The device should be placed 30-40cm from the subject.
    • The device should be at forehead height or higher and positioned perpendicular to the subject’s face.
  • Subject:
    • Each measurement set is for a single person.
    • Sit or stand still during the measurement.
    • Make sure your face is fully exposed, ensuring it is not covered by hair or accessories (i.e., mask, sunglasses, hat).

    • Avoid moving or talking throughout the measurement and remain focused on the screen until the measurement is complete.

  • Environmental conditions: 
    • There should be no light source behind you. 
    • Ensure neither the camera nor the area in the frame is exposed to direct sunlight. 
    • Avoid movement of other persons behind or within your vicinity. 
    • Avoid highly reflective objects in the surrounding area, including mirrors, glass windows, tables, etc.
    • It is recommended to use a cold light (>4500K) and not a monochromatic light source. 
    • The light in the room should be uniformly distributed, with a minimal light level of 400 lux illuminating your face. 
  • Measurement: 
    • Duration – The full measurement duration is 2.5 minutes.
    • Vital signs appearance - each vital sign appears when there is sufficient data. However, there may be cases in which a summary value is not available for some vital signs.

PPG - By Finger


Wait 3 minutes between measurements to avoid device overheating.

When using the By Finger (PPG) mode, the following recommendations apply:

  • Device:
    • Ensure battery level is above 20% and not in power-save mode. 
    • Ensure your camera lenses are clean and unscratched. 
    • Keep your mobile device in a fixed position throughout the entire measurement.
    • The device should be held by hand.
  • Subject: 
    • Remain at rest throughout the measurement. 
    • Hold your phone in a comfortable position at heart level.  
    • iPhone: cover both the rear flashlight and camera with your index finger.
    • Android: without covering the rear flashlight, cover the rear camera with your index finger.
    • Apply moderate pressure when placing your finger on the camera.
    • Avoid moving your finger during the measurement.
  • Environmental conditions:
    • Should not be in complete darkness.
  • Measurement:
    • Duration – The recommended duration for the finger measurement is 1.5 minutes (90 seconds).

Finger Placement for iOS devices when using PPG


Finger Placement for Android devices when using PPG




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