Installing B.Healthy for Android

Why do we need to perform this action?

This is done to enable the permission to install the test app that we have provided via Google Drive.

Android protects users from inadvertent download and install of unknown apps, or apps from sources other than Google Play, which is trusted. Android blocks such installs until the user opts into allowing the installation of apps from other sources.

Steps on how to install B.Healthy for Android:

1. Go to your Android device's settings

2. On the search bar, search for "Install unknown apps" and tap on the result


3. The Install unknown apps system settings is where users can grant permission for a particular source to install apps outside of the Google Play Store. In our case, we need to grant permission for the "Drive" application.


4. Enable app installations for Google Drive by clicking on the "Allow from this source" toggle button as shown below:



For more information regarding how to opt-in for installing unknown apps, please go to this developer guide link from Google:

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