How to install & run B. Healthy by demo application on iOS

Binah’s HM (Health Monitoring) application demonstrates the use of Binah’s SDK in order to measure different health parameters. Binah’s demo application runs within the context of Apple's TestFlight. The use of Apple TestFlight's testing infrastructure makes it easier for us to invite users to test and try Binah’s iOS application.

Install the demo applications on iPhone devices 

You should follow this flow only for the first time installation. The application will be available for a limited time. If you need additional time to evaluate, contact us at [email protected]

Installation steps

1. Binah's team will add your email address (Apple ID) on Apple's TestFlight. Please note that the user will not be able to access the application if his/her Apple ID is not enrolled as a TestFlight user. Kindly contact our sales team to request for additional users to be added on TestFlight.

2. You should expect an invitation email in your main box within 24 hours


3. Open the email. Shown below is a sample content of a TestFlight invitation email


4. Click on the “View in TestFlight” link, and you should see the instructions given below:


5. Copy the code given on step#3 and paste it somewhere as you will needing this code on the next steps. Please note that your code will be different. On this case, the code is “QWLWHFBQ”.

6. Click the Get "TestFlight application from the App Store" link.


7. Install the “TestFlight” application by clicking the “GET” or “Download” button (or download icon)

8. Open “TestFlight” app, and see “B. Healthy” app. (Allow notifications from TestFlight) In case you don’t see the app, press the “Redeem” button on the top right corner.


9. Accept terms and conditions for Binah’s application

10. Paste your (redeem) code from step number 4 above

11. Click on Install to install the B.Healthy application.


12. When application first loads, you will be welcomed with a similar screen as shown below:


13.  When application starts, you can register via your preferred social network (WhatsApp, Google or Apple) or by using your email and password.

14. Allow Binah’s application required permissions:


15. Start using Binah’s demo application


Using Binah’s demo application 

The screen is divided into two sections, the upper one shows the selfie camera view. Since the application only measures one person's vital signs at a time, please make sure that only one person/face is within the camera's view. 


1. Optional: enter the subject name within the subject field 

2. Press “start”. The application starts the measurement

a.  The Heart Rate BPM number will appear after ~8 seconds 

b.  The HRV and Stress Level requires ~2 minutes of data. Please note that the subject's face must be within the selfie camera's view at all times during the measurement for the application to gather enough data to come up with an accurate result. 

c.  After two minutes, press the stop button and you should see the subject’s stress level at the bottom left side of your screen


Updating the build version 

In case there is a need to upgrade the Binah demo application version, you will get an email with a link to the new build installation. There is no need to repeat the whole TestFlight installation flow. 

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