Binah Check Installation

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Before You Begin

Make sure you have received an email invitation to begin using Binah Check.

  • If required, please contact your organization administrator or Binah to receive the invitation, and start using our app.
  • If Binah confirms an invitation email was sent to your account, but you did not receive the email, please check your spam folder and mark the email as not spam.

For further information on how to avoid Binah emails being marked as spam, please refer to Android - Issues and problems.

Installing Binah team

Installation Prerequisites

Before installing Binah Check, do the following:

  • Close all Google Chrome tabs
  • Turn on the Install from unknown sources setting
  • Turn on the Ask where to save files setting

For more information, please refer to Android - Issues and problems.

Install Binah Check Mobile

  1. Download the Binah Check application using the link provided in the email invitation.
    Download either the iOS or Android version of the app, depending on your device's operating system.

  2. After installing the app, open it and login using the credentials provided in the email invitation.

  3. When prompted, sign consent to the user agreement.
  4. Replace the temporary password with a permanent password, and add your profile details. For further information, see Reset your password.

  5. Review our best practices for taking a measurement.

You are now logged in to the Binah Check application.

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